Treated Like A Girl During Sex

i remember when i was a kid younger than 14 every sexual experience i had was with a guy sometimes older than me sometimes younger than me
but always with a guy

but there was something diffrent between me and those guys
i was always being felt up mostley in my *** and once in a while my nipples or sucking or giving hand jobs or staring at their ***** while they came but i was never given head or a hand job come to think of it my little penis was barely acknowledged and so began an obsession with dicks (mine was always smaller than my partner)
i couldnt get my mind off ***** it was all i could think about i would watch a lot of **** and i would always compare the **** stars **** to mmine and i would think in my head man mine is way smaller than that and it kinda turned me on being less "manly"
i came to the conclusion that i was never ment to ****  women rather i was ment to get ****** like one but i didnt know about crossdressing yet by that point i had already tried on my moms panties a couple of times out of curiosity and a couple of time because my little brother told me to modle some thongs for him(he used me alot) and after trying my moms panties on i felt so sexy every guy that ever used me had a real obsession with my *** and this made me feel even more femanine like my *** was a girls ***
which it wwas to them so whenever i had time i would put on my moms panties and i looked in the mirror and was astonished at the fact that my *** really looked like a girls *** round plump and ripe for the picking
this turned me on so bad
so i continued to try on my moms panties whenever i could but in my mind i was the only one in the world doing something crazy like this but i was a **** addict and one day i came across the idea of being a "sissy boi" i would look at blogs like desires of a girly sissy boi and read stories of guys being forced into wearing girls clothes and that turned me on i deepened my invetigation and came to the conclusion that i was one of these girly sissy boys i had all the traits
my body was femaine
i had a really nice ***
i was practically hairless
i had a really small penis
and i loved ****
then i had this fantasy of being compleatley dressed like a girl and convincigly playing the part and finding a really big black man to make me feel like the women i am like all those boys i sucked did
time went by and the fantasy never left me i kept looking at those ****** and being turned on by really big dicks
i still havent fufilled my fantasy but one day i will get ****** by a manly man  with a big rod that knoes how to use a sissy *****

so overall i want to be a crossdessor because in all of my sexual experiences ive been treated like a girl and i dont think thats gonna change in fact i dont want it to change i want to be used like the ***** that i am

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Nice sexy story, hope you get your fantasy fulfilled soon! I'm a lot like you in that I got a lot of attention and comments on my *** since I was young and when watching **** I obsessed on the males' ***** instead of the girls. I'd also been told that I was sometimes affectionate in a girly sort of way to close friends, and I wonder if you were like that, too? are sexier and hotter than ANY genetic girl out there :)
A sissy boi pretending to be the gurl in bed is what so many of us males really desire.
I don't want ***** anymore...just a boi derssed like a gurl, yum!


welll damn!! I would love to treat you like a girl and ram you as hard as I could...

i would love that tooo

you might like this website ...... its a perfect place for sissy ****** like us

i just checked it out great blog read my story sissy **** sites it has all my favorite blogs

ok, add me sweety, ty

You mentioned that sometimes you get ****** by guys younger then yourself. How much younger I'm wondering and I guess they are allot more dominant and masculine then you are even though they are younger?

Personally myself I love being taken by a younger more dominant boy but unfortunately I'm not girly / effeminate at all.

i love being taken by younger men also it just shows how femanine i am if u bwanna hear more read my story my little brothers sex slave

Where is that story?

you do have a nice ***

thanks i keep it in shape so it could always look round and ready to get ******