My Biggest Influence... Penthouse Magazine

My biggest influence into crossdressing didn't come from seeing other men in dresses. In fact, it had nothing to do with men at all. I started crossdressing after seeing a photo layout in a Penhouse magazine.

My brother had a hidden magazine under his mattress. As we shared the same bedroom, I had access and opportunity. I cannot recall anything about this particular magazine, except for the layout that so influenced my life. The title of the the layout was, "Sex Education." I remember this because at the time, sex education being taught in schools was a hot topic. Being that I was about to enter junior high, and this was the level they were wanting to introduce the subject matter, I found this very appealing.

The layout had a female teacher in a black cap and gown with a yardstick pointer and a student, also female, in a classic tartan skirt and white blouse, knee-socks, you know the look. Well, the teacher was giving the student explicit lessons in sex education, involving touching, kissing and eventually ***** play. For some reason I found this thrilling (aside for the sex aspect) and saw myself as the girl in the layout. I dreamed of being that girl, getting my lessons. It so captivated me that I purloined my sister's clothes and would put them on, pretending to be this girl as I ***********. It was a compulsion and desire and before long a lifestyle. To this day, I attribute my femine demeanor, style, and life to that layout.
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Yes...definitely. Seeing all of the photo layouts with the women dressed in some sexy, lacy lingerie was all it took! Then I started to read the cross-dressing stories in the "Forum" or letters section started me on my cross-dressing journey!

The same with me! I would look at the panties and say to my self I want to look that good in panties.

I started with department store catalogs and fell in love with lingerie. Later Penthouse and Playboy were responsible for my love of garter belts, stockings, and high heels. Once I put on my first pair of high heels I knew I had to have the complete look from underwear to skirts and dresses and sky high heels.

I enjoyed looking at the Sears, JC Penney and other major Department Store catalogs. I would look at the lingerie models and dream of wearing the bras and panties!!! Eventually I wanted to look like these models and would J/O to them in my mothers panties. Now I'm a happy sissy and love being feminine and frilly. I'm also a gay sissy and love to get on my knees for a man or have sissy sex!!!

Penthouse was definitely friendly to tv's/ cd's from the earliest days. I looked forward to the letters, features and advertisements regarding this subject in the magazine. Additionally, Penthouse Letters (still available at Barnes & Noble, etc.) had quite a bit written on men in women's clothing. All this when no one else was doing it.