I dont know what it was but one day when i was 10 year old i was playing in my sister room no body was home i went in her panties drawer saw them i try them on and that was it i couldnt stop i use to take panties and hide them i heard her tell my mother her panties and bras were missing but they didnt know where were going to this day they havent found out i been cross dressing ever since i am 55 now i have real female breast now 44C i try to be a woman every day today i am wearing every thing purple new purple dress i always felt female i played with dolls i love being a woman i hate my male body i am gay now i love men sorry ladys
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

wonderful story, alicia. you sound so happy and confident. i think i began slipping into my sister's panties at 9 or so ... about the same age. she was younger, so it was a much more "vanilla" cotton panty, and bras were a few years away. great to remember how it all began. please add me as a friend on EP if you don't mind. -kim