I Felt Lost

One night I was really feeling down and I was home alone and I really needed to talk to someone or find a way to get things off my mind. I had reached my lowest point in life and thought of trying to hurt myself. After trying to call a friend just to find out that she wasn't home I decided to try googling "i need someone to talk to" and EP was the first link that showed up in GOOGLE! And I thought, Why Not? Maybe this will by my key to getting things off my mind. So I joined the group I battle depression and shared my story! That is when I realized that I wasn't alone in feeling the way I felt and there were others willing to talk to me and help me through it! 

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7 Responses Mar 26, 2009

At first I thought EP was boring but then when I started making friends that I talked to regularly, like Lilycue, markismyheart, and Josie, I started having fun! :)<br />
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When I had problems in my real life, my EP friends were so encouraging and supportive!! Way better friends than my real life peeps!!<br />
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Now a couple of my EP friends are now my real life friends as well........:)

haha, me2. I found this site typing 'I need to talk to someone' on google, thought why not, and after submitting a cpl of confessions, sharing a few experiences as well as reading others, I felt so much calmer. I didnt think I would but I do. Im glad this and google exists, i dunno what I would have done without it, lol.

You're right, it does!

Yea it did help me very much! I was very skeptial at first but its amazing that you can heal just by telling your story!

Hmm... I never saw that pop up when i was on myspace

Hi girls, I was on Myspace and this thing popped up asking if I wanted to play pet trivia to help shelter pets. <br />
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Well, everyime I played, it kept asking me if I wanted to join EP!!! It finally got on my nerves that it kept asking me, so I said what the hell! Why not?<br />
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I have to admit, that I wasn't impressed with EP at first!! LOL<br />
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Now, I'm addicted! :)

What would we do without GOOGLE? LOL