The Chopping Mall

I don't like gory films and I only went to see it as a favor to an acquaintence. He didn't like doing things by himself. He originally told me it was called 'The Shopping Mall' and it was supposed to be about the adventures of shoppers. I thought it was going to be an independant or documentary. I was wrong. When the film began and I found out the real name of the film, I asked him did he know that this was going to be a horror. He nodded yes. I reminded him I didn't like to watch blood squirting or people's body parts being chopped off. He just nodded. Well yes, the title is absolutely correct. Its all about watching people get sliced and diced to death. Why would anyone find this entertaining? How is murder an enjoyable experience?

I walked out. To date, its only film I've ever walked out of at the theatre. I'd rather watch grass grow than see this type of film.
4vrUnique 4vrUnique
Jul 17, 2010