My Top Twelve For the Worst

#12. Alien: Resurrection- Why Josh why did you do it?

#11. Shadow of the Vampire- The only movie I got up in the middle of and walked out of

#10. Ang Lee's The Hulk- God Awful **** poor story

#9. Ishtar- Surprisingly bad for a movie with Dustin Hoffman

#8. Superman 4 The Quest for Peace- A bad idea for a movie

#7. Superman Returns- Even worst than Superman  The Quest for Peace

#6. Batman and Robin- The only movie that makes me want to watch Superman Returns. The best person to play Batman was given the worst script of the series

#5. Matrix Reloaded- Why in god's name would they make a sequel so bad that it really just made you not even want to watch the first one

#4. The Matrix Revolutions- Now I want to burn the first two

#3. Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- They raped Indy...

#2. Knocked Up- I want to hit the SOB who told me to see this piece of crap

#1. Cloverfield- I did punch the SOB that told me top see this. The worst ****** movie I have ever, and  I mean ever had to sit through 


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24 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I agree that the two follow ups to the MATRIX were awful. It took me 3 years before I was willing to watch then again and I haven't watched them since that

I liked Cloverfield, but I heard some people got sick from the shaky camerawork.

I listed movies I saw, not ones I avoided

SS- shhh I was just gonna post about that!! :)

That one would have been better had they kept it closer to the book

The Departed was one of the last movies outside the comic book source that I really liked<br />
<br />
I hate to say that comic books are what's keeping the movies alive Batman Dark Knight, Iron Man and the last Hell Boy were all winners.<br />
<br />
I think Wolverine has the most potential right now

I am kind of tepid about Wolverine. There are WAY too many superhero and comic book movies being made. <br />
<br />
They need to dial it back in favor of more grounded stuff for a while...or, dare I suggest, something actually ORIGINAL, that isn't a retread of an existing idea.<br />
<br />
Hello? Can we get a movie with some brains and some guts inside of it please? Something along the lines of The Pla<x>yer or City of God, maybe?

I agree Watchmen was one I want to see and coming up the Wolverine movie is on my want to see list as is GI Joe though I will not hold my breath as to it being good.<br />
I stopped going to the rental after awhile<br />
<br />
The last movie to surprise me with being good was the last Rambo movie. I know Rambo? but it really was decent and I recommended it and still would.

I remember when at least 1/2 to 3/4 of all movies I saw at the movie rental place were ones I would at least be slightly interested in...<br />
<br />
I go into a movie rental store now, and I am genuinely at a loss to find ANYTHING of any value. I really have to SEARCH, and search HARD to find anything that doesn't reek of something awful...<br />
<br />
As to going to the theatre, there are only two movies on my radar right now, both late spring/early summer blockbusters. <br />
<br />
Once they are gone, I honestly can't see myself going to watch anything more for quite some time.<br />
<br />

Eraserhead was bad no doubt but it was one of those movies going in you knew was going to be awful<br />
<br />
Kind of like a Pauly Shore movie, you know going in it is going to suck and you already know that<br />
<br />
so no Eraserhead falls into that catagory

I got in free to Ghost Rider so all I can say is at least I did not waste money on it<br />
<br />
Same for **** Tracy

Rookies............... Worst film ever...........ERASERHEAD<br />
<br />
Everyone should see it once even though they will wish they never had

Ghost Rider and Max Payne were not worth paying for, glad I didn't. I have yet to hear a good comment about either.

I did not see Love Guru but I will take the warning of it to heart thank you

Yes thank you all for reminding me about the new Kong Kong it was bad as well <br />
<br />
as was Red Planet, Battlefield Earth and I am Legend. All of these were very bad. But I will stick to my list

The second one was not that bad the 3rd was so bad even Burt Reynolds wasn't willing to come back

The love guru should not even make it to DVD. Burn the can.

I didn't even know there was a second Smokey and the Bandit.

Howard the Duck would be around 20 on my list <BR>#19 Donny Darko<BR>#18 Smokey and The Bandit 3<BR>#17 Jaws 4<BR>#16 Fire Birds<BR>#15 Snakes on a Plane<BR>#14 College Road Trip<BR>#13 Wild Hogs

Howard the Duck? Come on...Lea Thompson was shacking up with a duck. A creepy, skeezy duck!!

No Jaws 4 was not as bad as these

I would rather watch the other 11 than ever watch Cloverfield again. I in the middle of that movie called my "friend" and put him on speaker phone in the middle of the movie. I told him I was going to kill him for recommening that **** and other people in the theater did not hush me but began shouting out threats to the guy too

Ouch. That's harsh. <br />
<br />
Oh, wait, I do have a high light for Cloverfield. Have you SEEN Odette Yustman?!?! Hot!!

Knocked Up was a stupid *** movie. I saw it because friends were hyping it up and I found it to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.