This One Will Start a Fight


This movie I left of the other list for a reason. That reason is the book the movie was based on. This book came out in the late eighties and is the funniest story I had and I can almost say still have read.

That book is done by a literary  master of the descriptive verse. The author's name Winston Groom  The book Forrest Gump

Now before you all start saying how much you loved the movie I ask did you at any time read the book?

No? shame shame it is a trememdous book and if you have the means read the book now. Forget what you saw in the movie and read the book. Then if you dare re-watch that movie and I guarentee you will not like th movie any more. The movie is so bad that Winston Groom wrote a sequel where Forest met Tom Hanks

SO please for once give this little test a try by the book and read it I(f you like it read the sequel and then watch the movie I'm telling you that your opinion of it will never be the same


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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I'm going to have to read the book. Not that that's a problem, since I'm an avid reader.

I love the sequel where Forrest meets Tom Hanks and Forrest thinks Hanks is a moron<br />
<br />
That was awesome and a clear sign at how upset the author was with the movie

I completely agree. Read the book years ago. The movie doesn't capture the charm of the book.

Wow! I have to check the book out. I absolutely loved the movie. This book had better be good! LOL