Simply Awful...

Firstly... "Very Bad Things" a movie from the late 90's with Christian Slater and Jeremy Piven... I saw this one in the theatre, now, I have never walked out of a movie I paid to go see... but this would have been one, for sure. The scene with the hooker getting killed was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen, and then what they all did after was not even close to funny... The movie is supposed to be a comedy, and I found absolutely nothing about the atrocities in this movie even halfway amusing.

Secondly... "Hostel" from a couple years ago... also saw in the theatre, also would have walked out on. WHAT was the point of that movie? First half equals boobs, and random nudity with no plot. Second half equals gore with no plot. WTF? I wanted to puke for the worst of the gorey scenes.

Thirdly... "The New World" also from a couple years ago, with Colin Farrell. It's the story of John Smith and Pocahontas. I was expecting some sort of adventure... what did I get? The most BORING movie I have ever watched through to the end. I actually saw this one at home, I rented it. Whoever wrote this movie must have had an easy time of it, since there was like only 10 words of dialogue in the whole stupid movie. Couple the lack of dialogue with ridiculously boring, drawn out scenes of ... like... grass or something waving in a breeze, you get Boring. With a capital B. Not to mention that Pocahontas looks like a flighty 12 year old, flitting around aimlessly. Why did I watch it through to the end? I kept thinking "Surely SOMETHINGS going to happen SOON???" Nope, never did. Roll credits.

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The Big Lebowski rocks!<br />
<br />
I guess you haven't seen Hostel 2? I think that movie crossed a line.

The Dude Abides! LOL! ;-)

haha come oon, you're not unhip. You do have to see The Big Lebowski though. It's a modern classic. Totally underrated. It's amazing how few people have seen it. Plus its got a Bob Dylan song playing during a scene where Jeff Bridges is flying over the city without a plane or ... other flight... aid.

Garys5150... you dig War of the Roses and you have The Dude as your avatar. You, sir, are hip. I love that movie, too. "The rug tied the whole room together, man!" I'm sure your'e tired of hearing that but I haven't quite grown tired of saying it...

I have not seen any of the movies on your list, thankfully. I will try and keep your reviews in mind.... just FYI "War of the Roses" is a classic!

It's great! This couple is all young and rambunctious and they're like "whoa, let's get all physical, physical." You know, O.N.J. style. They get married and then it all goes terribly, terribly wrong with hilarious results.<br />
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Plus its got Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner before they looked like .... you know. Themselves now.<br />
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Karma will get me for that.

Well I dig that it was a "dark comedy" which means its supposed to be at least moderately uncomfortable. But yeah, that movie still sucked.<br />
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The best dark comedy movie is War of the Roses, I think.<br />
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That's a good one.

I have to agree with you on "Very Bad Things". Even though there were some decent people in it, the movie was just....bad. And not funny at all.