I Know Who Killed Me

Someone might have already mentioned this but it bears repeating.  This horrific Lindsay Lohan vehicle is twice the fun as it features the ever-plausible separated-at-birth twins plot twist, thus allowing two Lindsays for our viewing pleasure: the well behaved, sweet one and the sexy ********!  Variety is important.  Not only is the movie's internal logic completely random, it is very often unintentionally hilarious and includes all sorts of random pseudo-symbolism.  For instance, the colour blue kept showing up and being focused on - my friends and I wondered if it was supposed to mean something.  And then the movie ended, so apparently not.  Also, there are owls.  And a one-legged Lindsay having sex.  Good times all round.  Basically the only way to endure this movie is to be very, very drunk.  And then it becomes a great movie!

lokilux lokilux
26-30, F
Mar 23, 2009