A List (gasp!)

has anyone noticed that i like making lists? i hope i'm in a group for that....

1) one version of my hell is being trapped in a fruitless, below-the-intellect boxing match masquerading as a "debate". i spent much of my high school trapped in that scenario under the guise of "free- will vs predestination debate"

2) fezik from the princess bride (the book) has lots of versions of his own personal hell that i identify with. especially being all alone in the dark forever with everyone screaming "boo! boo!"

3) teletubby marathon

4) reading indynudist's story transported me to my own "that moment". when i'm most vulnerable my memory attacks me with it. everytime i'm defenseless. it actually physically hurts.

5) being itchy without being able to scratch....

6) inside my head, before i saw a psychiatrist and got put on medication for the first time.

7) pelvic floor physical therapy. also known as my monday afternoons :(

i'm sure i'll think of more. stay tuned.

journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
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4 Responses Jan 11, 2008

That is very funny.

well said, indy!

Good list, Journey, some tears and some grins. <br />
<br />
I also agree that the book was great. If you think the movie was satirical, read the book. Goldman's wit is pure genius.

yes!!!!! it's awesome! really really different from the movie actually. it has a completely different tone to it. goldman's an absolute genius.