My Personal Hell

My personal hell is living in a society were we are taught to hide behind the facade of happiness, the mask of joy and the wealth of acceptance. That we are not taught first discover and then be ourselves. We are taught to dream and pursue what society dictates is success without defining in terms of the well-being of our fellow brothers and sisters. Our pursuit of happiness has become a god, a myth and a legend because we bow to it believing it okay to walk over people to achieve what we want. We teach fear of honesty. We preach pride and fail to remind ourselves that pride is the source of shame.

My personal hell is that it is systemic to be like animals, struggling for survival of the fittest.

Are we not homo sapiens sapiens? Thinkers of thinkers? Are we not equipped for love, compassion and understanding. I dare say we have been taught to be animals.
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Aug 25, 2012