Signature Vs. Mood

Nothing beats: a gorgeous, icy, gin and tonic on the first truly HOT day of Summer.  Two sips of a stiff and spicy Bloody after a long night out.  A mimosa while my feet are in a pedicure tub. A red-apple martini while gossiping with the girls.

That said, when my favorite bartender sees me walk through the door of my local, she starts pouring me a Jack and Coke, double tall, before I even say a word.

There are three things every lady should do like a man if she wants to be a true broad.  Drinking is one of them.

misselizabeth misselizabeth
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2008

Bravo to you for eschewing the salt and lime. I don't need training wheels either.

have to agree with the gin and tonic. That is my out in a bar drinking drink. But at a motorcycle run, or really want to get tore down...i love straight tequila with a coldbeer chaser. No salt, lime, lemon or anything. Just a coldbeer chaser.