Premium Root Beer


Nothing in the group’s statement that says the signature drink has to be alcoholic. Besides I had more then my share of alcoholic drinks 22 years ago. Back then I drank Bourbon neat with a beer back…DD

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What are Cement Shoes? Never heard of that one outside of Kansas City. In KC it ment somthing else. Not so funny...DD

Cement Shoes work every time, my friend. LOL

Hi JojoWazoo, a "friend" tried to get me off the wagon by having the waitress change my reg. ice tea to Long island Iced. I spoted it and was up all night trying to find a place to dispose his body. Darn.<br />
<br />
bOObsMaGee & singer1960, thanks for sharing...DD

Diet just a drop of the Irish....Just not in the diet coke.....

Oh, and Root Beer is my favorite soft drink

Cosmopolitan and a Long island Iced Tea but not together, of course!

malibu & diet coke