Since I Was 12

I have always wanted to know more than just the physical aspects of being a women. I want the whole thing, the emotional and the physical.

I am a TSW that has always dreamed of one thing, to be able to have children. Before starting my transition I have had a child, but the desire I have felt since I was 12 did not go away. I did not want to father a child; I wanted to birth a child.

I knew that TS/TG’s could not reproduce after transition so why transition without a child? But after the birth of my first child I found, though grateful to have the child, it was not what I truly wanted. I had wanted to give birth to a child, to carry the child in me, and to know the joys of finding out I was pregnant. Whoever society has some very strict guidelines for people, especially when it comes to those of a different sexual orientation to ‘Normal people’.

If the nature of man is to evolve, why hold back? People are scared and once they make up their mind it is hard to change it. So many TSW’s and TWM’s hear “You will NEVER have children” and resign themselves to except it. So many people, not just TS want to have children and there are several procedures out today to help those ‘Natural Born’ women have children even if they were not born with all the equipment needed.

So why are TS’s not told of these procedures? I feel, as do many of those I have talked to, that it is because of discrimination. I have been told by church people that prostitutes, gays, and TS are not natural and that this is told to us in the bible. I have never found it, so where is it? I talked to several surgeons about some ideas I had about transplanting genitals from one to another for a more natural look and have been told it is not possible. Transplants are for “Lifesaving” only! And that the phallus is better for TS’s. Why is that? Are we not human as well?
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I so wish that it were possible for that to happen because I truly would love to be able to be pregnant and give birth to that child.

So many TS/TG's want to be able to reproduce. Medical science can give a natural born woman a new uterus when hers has been damaged by injury but says it can not do it for a TSW. This is why I have started It is a proposed location in Arizona where TG's can go to transition in peace getting the real world experience they need. I also want to build a full hospital with medical research to help advance our needs.

The current Inversion Techniques performed around the world have remand basically the same since it was introduced in the 1930's. Yes they look more natural than before but they are basically cut off the male parts and build them to look female.

Any support anyone can give will be very helpful in reaching this goal.

nice i enjoy your writing

I am sure it will be viable one day and there will be doctors willing to make that leap thing is science is slow and society is slow to take it up. It has been 2 decades since I first started to try and become the real me and yet here I am still in transition. Yet I hear girls in remote places have transitioned and have even had SRS and I'm only a short drive from San Francisco but yet I am having trouble getting HRT here locally.

I have to update on my 'story' here. I have talked with doctors about a surgery that I felt would give people like me and many of those here. I have set up a web site describing this surgery. If I can find the right surgeons and supporters I feel this surgery could be available for many of those to follow.