I Went To A Salon For A Makeover

Published elsewhere in EP but I thought I would add it here too
As a transvestite I called a beauticians and asked to speak to the manager. I spoke to a lady and asked if they would do a makeover on me (a guy) because I was going to a fancy dress party and wanted to look like a lady - not a bloke in a skirt. She agreed.
She gave me a full arm wax, under arm, full leg wax - chest and back wax (not much there to take off and what there was, was blonde fuzz). She said I was brave and that a lot of women would be screaming with the leg hair being pulled off - I said it wasn’t too bad and it wasn’t.
Then while another girl gave me a full facial she said she had to give me a bikini line wax. She didn’t ask she just decided to do it. Now I don't have much down there but she just whipped off the towel she had covered me with and pulled my pants down and started waxing - she said this will teach you what women go through to look good. Ouch - but again it wasn’t as bad as I thought
Later one of her girls gave me false red nails and a full makeup. I dressed (in my male clothes) and thanked her, paid the bill and a suitably large tip and went to leave.
She pulled me to one side and in a conspiratorial tone said "come back any time you want to"
I don’t think she was coming on to me - I think she had figured out that I was a sissy and was enjoying it - the large tip must have helped too.
I then left the shop and walked back to the van I was driving, not hiding the fact that I was in full makeup and with long bright red finger nails (they couldn’t see the matching toe nails) surprisingly though I got stared at quite a bit nobody said anything
I did try to go back to that beauticians about a year later - but they had closed down
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Awe bummer. I always wanted to try that too... Never had the nerve, or the rest of the package ...to pull off being passable... But would have loved to have tried it...
To go along with the rest of my outfits.. Heavy sigh...

Go for it - you only live once

I wouldn't be surprised if accommodating salons were getting a small trickle of men doing exactly what you did!

Maybe someone should organise that kind of party?

How long were you able to keep the look?

Not as long as I would like to have done

Perhaps I should set up as an agency for approaching salons and dress shops to find sissy friendly outfits for shy sissies to go for makeovers, hair, clothes, shoes and lingerie ???

Great story,so now you look like a million quid,how did you get on at the fancy dress party
Jayne xxx

I would love to have a professional makeover. I am sure that the results would be better than I could do on my own. I am not far from Reading so if you find another salon let me know. I also need some advice on wigs and style.

only just seen this - sorry

ever tried going to London to one of the professional dressing services, all the wigs and dress you need and they do a good job on you makeup and heels and all then take a picture or two if you want to keep the memory

or want to try a salon - they are all just a phone call away !

There's a club called Sweet Wednesday just behind King's Cross station (take Bakerloo from Paddington) that's open every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. I understand they try to be very helpful to novices. They have dressing rooms where you can change and get help (from staff or customers? I don't know). Then you can spend from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. socializing... Google it!