I know what it is like to have a vangina because I have one without surgery.
I0 years ago i had prostate cancer. Instead of having my prostate removed which causes lots of problems, I opted for radioactive seedds implanted.This is very strong radiation treatment and continues to work longer. For a year or more I performed sexually as i always had and then things began to change. My penis shrank and the Dr. perscribed a pump to make it big, but that only worked while it was pumped so I quit and I shrunk out of sight to the size of a Clitoris. My wife taught me how to ********** like she does and I learned how good it feels to *** like that.  With practice I now can get my  finger all the way up in my new **** and finger myself to an ******.  I now know how a woman feels it deep inside and it is more intense than male ************. It also helpe that follow up treatment included anti-androgen pills th suppress my teststosterone and allowed my estrogen to take over making my breasts to grow to almost a perky C cup with sensitive hard nipples. I now have the best of borh worlds and I love it.
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From lemons to lemonade, good for you to make the best of your situation.
When I tuck I can create a faux urethra and am able to insert my finger(s) enough to stimulate myself. It feels wonderful to be penetrated.
For a serious female experience I also use a menstual tracker and have monthly visits from 'Aunt Flow' and regularly use tampons to simulate having a period.

I agree that you have the best of both worlds

Would love to share our new life together but that's a big ocean to cross

You do indeed have best of both worlds and I envy you. Some years ago I was checked for prostate problem due to high, but as it turned out erronous, PSA reading. My GP suggested a couse of finasteride which I was on for about six months. I have always had a small **** and a bit of breast tissue but after the medication my **** grew and became very sensitive and my **** got even smaller. I didn't really mind either of these events as they fitted in well with my sexuality. Why I envy you is that your wife has accepted your changes whereas mine refuses even to discuss them We could have so much fun if only she could come to terms with the reality. I do so want, and need, a bra for example. I ********** with the finger in the hole technique whilst playing with by sensitive nipples. It feels fine but I wish I could share it with someone.

I'm so sorry about everything you are going through. My wonderful man isn't well endowded in the genital department and is larger on top. he hates it and i am more of a lesbian than straight and really don't enjoy sex . he also has ED which is fine for me, but not for him. I do wish i could play with his chest and do other things, but bec he hates his chest, I just fantasize I'm doing his chest, when he touches me. It feels so good when he does certain things to mine, I wish I could do the same for him.

Sugarplum1216, I wish we could meet and we would fit together very well as two lesbians. message me for more.

you are so lucky ladie and your supported wife vauu i wish to mangina tooo i read alot of on net about mangina and must be perfect femme feeling ...kisss

I've lost most potency, and all ejaculations with prostate meds, and grown a/b breasts as well.

All is not lost. Learn to love your new self as you would love your neighbor.

I am so glad that you have manged to convert terrible illness into an opertunity amd have C cup breasts, congrads

Sounds to me like you were dealt some lemons (prostate cancer) but you choose to make lemonade with them. Wonderful story ...

I Love that lemonade. You all should try it, you might like it, too.

I've been taking dutasterides (Avodart) for about 4 years without the same results. I do have B cup breasts (I've added pueraria mirifica a bit), but I don't think my pernis has shrunk. It's never been large.

Love your story your so lucky I wish I was you

You are so lucky, I would love to have the same

Your story is good and I must add your breasts look very nice.

<p>Fascinating story. So glad everything turned out well and that you love your new body!</P>