What Does It Take

what does t take to silence those who feel they need to shun or hurt others who have done nothing but they feel the need to be left alone from the crowd. very few actualy wish to stand for those they understand. and these few understand that those they defend may not be grateful to those they stand for. is it humility or is it shame either can be the answer. but when the few lose sight of those morals that are unshakable to them. when the rage takes over they become monsters to the eyes to all . so what does it take for those whose will to be there for others and ask for nothing in return why do the demons in us scare those we protect .... why

heidischainmailangel heidischainmailangel
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2009

not many see that they lack humility and enfest in pride

some people from a very young age just can fathom that society's mainstream is f'ed up--often urged on in this by being tormented and put-down by their peers. i know this is how i was. my earliest memories are of me, wanting to play and be merry and have fun like everyone else. i did not START OUT being a loner. after being tormented for reasons unknown to me and just out-right becoming scared of my peers, i started avoiding them and preferring to be alone, rather than be hurt. many a day on the play-ground for me was spent hiding under the bleachers in a dark corner, fear of them and shame in myself keeping me there, while THEY all laughed, played, had fun.<br />
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to this day, my demon inside me that will not die is that i am convinced anyone trying to help me, protect me, be nice! etc, is just doing an act of charity, taking pity, etc etc --like kids from back when did to me--and teachers. today, this is not always true---but i cannot always see that.