For people who like to connect the dots, I don't think it is a secret that I live in the capital city of Indonesia.

It is quite a big city, with big city's problems. Traffic jam, pollution and any type of personalities you want (or not want) to see.

The weather is cool these days. We're having rainy season and sometimes the city can get flooded, especially the northern parts.

Things can get pretty hot in July and August but lately it hasn't been that bad.

Jakarta is a big confusing puzzle of a city. Behind rows of tall, modern buildings you can find rows of old shops, bustling with activities yet they look as if they come straight from the 70s.

Next to a housing complex of big, trees-shaded houses can be a sprawling mass of hut houses.

It is complex, in your face and yet mysterious. I like walking around my neighbourhood but let me out of the car in other parts of the city and I might feel the need to quickly hail a cab and get the hell out of there.

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Thank you, its great to have a snapshot of where people live <br />
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I live surrounded by hills and valley .. just a few shops farand few between, but it suits me.

Hey Princess<br />
<br />
Missed you here.<br />
<br />
Jakarta sounds very interesting.<br />
<br />
love<br />

Whoa. I missed a lot of comments on this story! Sorry, guys.<br />
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<b>kylae99</b> & <b>bcuzisaidso</b>, I know. My 2011 target is to travel :) Or at the very least, have a holiday. L0L. Let's see if I could make it or not. Other than my hometown, and the childhood trip around Java, I've never been anywhere! 0__O<br />
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<b>sequoi</b>, always amazed me how people actually choose to live in the northern part of Jakarta, hehe..<br />
<br />
<b>JMO</b> & <b>prairiezephyr</b>, where are you guys? Missing you :(

Oh what would give to see the world...sigh. I am from the midwestern United states and have rarely ventured out to explore my own country never mind the rest of the world. Someday.

Hahahahahhaa... Nuff said about Jakarta... LOL...<br />
Yep, the northern part of Jakarta is the flood-iest (If that even a word) part of Jakarta... Since i live in it...<br />
But we still had our fun eventho... ^^<br />
<br />
P.S : Joshua Jackson?? YUMMY!!!!

wow, i'd love to see it....*dreamy sigh*

Yes June1999, I agree whole heartedly with you, I was just tickled following all the conversations. It reminds me of sitting at the family table. :)

A friend has encouraged me to always comment on a story I read and not to worry about what I say or what direction it may take the story...<br />
<br />
Or at least, that is how I feel about people commenting on the stories I wrote. When I comment on other people stories I try to stay on topic. <br />
<br />
But you guys are welcome to comment on my story and then take it some place else. I am promoting the Do Give Comment movement! A little trip off course is fine especially if it encourages people to write a new story.<br />
<br />
Which reminds me, I haven't written the story you asked about, the one about bajaj :)

LOL! This story sure is bouncing back and forth a bit. What were we talking about? Jakarta? LOL!

LOL.<br />
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The many times I pause and think, "Huh?" when someone, usually non Indonesian friend, says how beautiful my country is...<br />
<br />
Human nature, right? We want what is not ours.

Yes, justmeonline (and Four!) :) , the USA is vast with a variety of experiences. From tropical sands to glacier covered tundra, mountain ranges to flat lands, deserts to swamp lands, Forests to prairies, dry to damp, hot to cold, you name it. There are volcanos and geysers, there is the Niagra Falls, Great Lakes, and Grand Canyon to name a few other sites. And if you are not into the nature go into the cities, lots of variety there too (and traffic)! Motorways to back country roads to no roads at all. Regionally architecture, ways of life, accents, and food all differ as well. I guess when you live with it everyday you might not notice. People here in the UK will chuckle sometimes when I point something out as beautiful or ask them questions about features. They chuckle because they realise that they had never noticed before.

Williamson left after the second season, right?<br />
<br />
I didn't really follow the series after that. Oh my, you brought back memories. How I used to love Joshua Jackson back then!

Well, for me America is exotic. The way faraway places are exotic compared to your hometown.<br />
<br />
I think of subways as exotic. The interstates, if you'll have it :)<br />
<br />
Vast deserts and Grand Canyon.. Quaint little towns like the one I watched in Dawson's Creek... they are all pretty exotic to an Asian, you know!

wow that sounds great where you live. i live in the usa not so exotic!!

:) <br />
<br />
Yes, Malaysia is just next door. We share things in common but in my opinion, Indonesia is the more raw of the two - in a good way. So much more to explore, so much more surprises.<br />
<br />
Indonesia can be exotic but not the cities!<br />
<br />
In my opinion it's the vast diversities you find here that is great and beautiful about Indonesia.

I hope you do write the story, I look forward to reading it already!

Yep, I know what you mean about everything keeps moving!<br />
<br />
I swear it sometimes look like Armageddon. Thousands of motorcycles, cars, buses, bajaj (this has to be in another story, this miraculous vehicle found only in Asia) within inches from ramming against one another, and yet everybody is still going!

I enjoyed your story. I didn't realize that you live in Indonesia. I did notice in your profile that you are part Maderian. I have been there, went for the port, will go back for the bbq! I love Indonesian food too! I have also been to India and was absolutely awestruck by the traffic..., cars, trucks, bikes, horse pulled wagons, you name it. The miraculous thing is that everything kept moving! It would have been gridlock anywhere else.