Love Boots!

Im not really into sexy, leather, thigh high boots. I like funky one's. Ive treated myself to a few pair recently.

I bought this wicked pair really cheap, they're dark green, knee high, suede imitation. They are very pointed at the toe and have a little green ribbon at the top. They remind of pixies coz they are so unique and quirky but not wierd.

I also love ankle boots, great for showing your pins off, woohoo! I have loads of other boots in my collection.


bubblegum84 bubblegum84
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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

If I was a pair of boots they's be slightly down trodden at the back reflecting my lack of patience & showing I am a little lazy <br />
They would be fairly well worn not to clean just polished a little only at the front as I hope that is all ppl will see... one of the laces will be a little worn out a sign of the stress & hard life its had <br />
Beneath all this you may see that once these were a stylish pair of boots once admired once you might have gone wow but now no one would see it