I Like to Think I Am Honest

You Communicate Honestly You don't mince words. You are to the point and all about the facts.
However, you are charming enough to tell people the truth yet still not offend them.

It's likely that you have a hilarious, no holds barred sense of humor. And you sure tell an entertaining story!
You're also quite open. People can ask you anything, and you don't shy away from controversial conversation topics.


Honesty has always been very important to me.

SantanaRex SantanaRex
46-50, M
4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

yes, honesty is very important to me-thanks

Nice,i already knew honesty is what u always want and i know thats important

I thought they were refreshing - sometimes these blogthings can be very interesting. There were a couple questions that I was iffy on so I tried them the other way to and apparently I could also be a vivid communicator.

Nice result :) Hugs*