West Queensland Heeler/ Australian Cattle Dog (blue Heeler)

All these titles for one dog!  Better known to her humans as Sally-Gator- when she was a pup, she used to chew on our hands when we gardened.  She's learned not to do that but the name sticks cause she is a mouthy dog.  She was born knowing how to retrieve a ball at the speed of light.   I live in a little town so she is not a working dog.   This breed is high up in smarts and high up in stubbornness.  Sally and I have attended two sets of obedience classes.  She has taught me to not give up.  Learning to communicate with a brainy little dog is a way of life that I thought I knew.  Sally has taught me that I didn't know near as much as I thought I did.   She is two years old and now knows tons of words and commands like the basics of sit and down and stand and stay- stay for more than a second, please.  Because I did not want to neglect her potential, I signed up with a kennel club and even more doors and embarrassing doors at that- opened up.   I highly recommend doggie agility training, even if you do have two left feet and a slow brain like me.  Sally still gets the zoomies- agility training is off leash play/work- the beauty of a leaping motivated dog and  the power of that dog zipping through a tunnel is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life time.   Every time she obeys me and leaps a hurdle, ready to see what else I've got in mind, my heart is in the clouds.  At times I worry that my human slowness is going to harm this little dog- she was the runt so is pint sized for her breed.  If you want a lap dog and a devoted companion yet have some extra stamina, choose a Heeler.  You might come away exhausted but you won't regret the choice.
patrioticgardener patrioticgardener
Dec 16, 2011