The Basset House

I have 5 basset hounds. There is a saying amongst us basset hound folks that goes like this, "Basset Hounds are like potato chips, you can never have just one", so i tend to have a lot more than just one. I also have one dachshund. All are rescues either adopted from organizations or on my own. 
My cats are also rescues. I just have 2 of them tho. 
This is a picture of two of my bassets, Lucy and Woody. They are what i call my partners in crime. Lucy is an instigator and Woody is just plain silly. But i love em.

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They are are so much more than just great. They have ways about them that shows their inteligence and gentle demeanors. They are simply the kings of all dog breeds and the most ancient ones and the only ones to be mentioned in the bible.They are great caracters. I would not want any other breeds execpt the sighthound group.I love my four lads they are the light of my life. As for weight loss in dogs I agree with you. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with the rest of us. feel free to drop by my profile any time and have a look at my lads if you want. Sincerly Greydk and the lads.

I moved to a much bigger place so that I could complete my wee family of four sighthounds.When one leaves for the rainbow bridge another needy greyhound can be given the loving home he deserves. The saying you were refering to has a similar canotation in the world of greyhound rescue. Once you have your first greyhound its like opening a bag of peanuts one isen´t enough. I think you are a very positive force for basset hounds. Mu aunt had one years ago. He was much too fat he had a slipped disk because of too much body weight misunderstood goodness out of ignorance. I said to my aunt that he was too fat and that she should put him on a diet she never did. He died at age thirteen and in pain poor old soul. I hope she has learnt to take better care of her dog than she did back then with her very first dog. I liked him he was quite a caracter and very laidback never lazy though.

If you talk to someone whose dog needs to lose weight, you can suggest they put the dog on a green bean diet. You decrease the amount of dog food and add in the green beans (unsalted) to put the bulk in. The dog will lose weight easily without feeling hungry. Works like a charm.
I have seen several homes with multiple greyhounds. They strike me as a great dog.