The Girls

Yes I said the girls.  ALL three of them. A black lab and 2 mini dachshund.

Their names are Valerie, Penny, and Noel. 

Penny (a dachshund) is the oldest we got her as a pup and she has been my wife's companion for 7 years now.  I call her a frankfurter since she has a real problem with her weight.  She eats everything that falls on the floor, if it is food she eats it.  I am really worried that there will be a day and she will have a heart attack and then things will be really bad. 


Valerie we "inherited" from our neighbor, they were going through a bad separation and she left and he left Val tied to a tree for days at a time with a bowl of water and bag of food.  My wife hated that and so every time he left for the couple of day she would go down and get Val and bring her home.  The kids love her to death and she loves them.  My youngest ( 3 now ) has been "adopted" by Val, when he was born she would watch him on the edge of our bed and if he started to fuss Val woudl come get my wife, and if he was playing on the floor Val would go and lay down so he played between her front and back paws.  To this day she still watches him and he plays with her. 

Noel, we got her from a friend after my wife said "I won't get any more" YEA RIGHT.  I didn't believe it for a second.  She is cute has the marking of a holstein cow. Yep white with big black spots.  She is so sweet. Lays accross you feet at night and keeps them warm.

All three sleep either in our room or they space themselves across the kids.  They are very much a part of the family.


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How many ducks has she killed but not eaten? already know about the Cheater dog...but I was happy to get to know your's been 8 days since she got sprayed by a skunk....Ye Haw...maybe we are on a roll....