Rescued Papillons

Hi, I have two dogs. They are Papillons. Papillon is french for butterfly. Papillons have ears that are shaped like butterflys and are fringed.  My boy pap is Dubby. He is 10 and he is gorgeous. My girl pap is Princess. She is 7 and a clown. She is a pig in Pap clothing. She raids Dubby's bowl and my daughters, dog's bowl. she is getting rounder and rounder. I have to start walking her.  I belong to Pap911 rescue. Our rescue has saved and found homes for over 400 paps over 5 years. It is a dedicated group that fights againist Puppy Mills. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on rescuing mill puppies and loving and caring for them back into being normal dogs again.  Mill puppies are afraid of grass, because they have never felt it. They are afraid of stairs because they lived life in a cage with a flat floor. They are afraid of humans because the hand that fed them was abusive. They lose all their teeth because of poor nutrition and improper care. Many die during birthing because they have had so many litters of puppies  for greed that they are more scars and ahesions then uterus. They desire love but do not know how to accept it.  They are extremely difficult to housebreak because they have never lived in a home and most subsist outside in the elements summer and winter, rain or shine. They live in their own excrement. Many are blind from eye infections. When the millers are done with the dogs that can no longer breed, they dump them off on country roads to fend for themselves when they have no experience of finding their own food. If they manage to get picked up and taken to a shelter, they are the lucky ones. They dont starve to death, freeze to death, get run over by a car which they probably never saw before except to get run over.

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That is so sad, I truely dont know how people are capable of such cruelty. Keep doing your thang :) I have a lot of respect for your organisation!<br />
- Your dogs sound gorgeous!