That I Am!

You are an Old Soul

You are an experienced soul who appreciates tradition.

Mellow and wise, you like to be with others but also to be alone.

Down to earth, you are sensible and impatient.

A creature of habit, it takes you a while to warm up to new people.

You hate injustice, and you're very protective of family and friends.

A bit demanding, you expect proper behavior from others.

Extremely independent you don't mind living or being alone.

But when you find love, you tend to want marriage right away.

Souls you are compatible with:  Warrior Soul and Visionary Soul

OK, I'd say true.....all except that last statement. Pffffft, ignore that "marriage right away" bit!!

Hahaha, you know who's got to take this test now, don't you??? Yep, it's your turn Trpr Badass, get to answering those questions!

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56-60, F
10 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Hahaha, I'm too tired to go "looking"! I'd never give you up even if you don't match up , Mwah!

Ok, for you I'll take the quiz. I don't want you out there "looking" lol!

ROBLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! (I cant get on the floor so I'm on the bed heehee)

I don't need to hear that Mum =O

HAHAHAHAHA I knew you would say that ;')


Too true!! I will NEVER give up the fine trooper. He gives the best cuddles heehee!

HAHAHAHAHAHA pffffffft, no you won't silly, who would give you a cuddle then? ;)

Yes, it is! Now I have to see what the nice policeman is :) Better be warrior or visionary or...hahaha I'll have to start lookin' for a new man LOL

THATS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!