Roj Blake = Swedish...

You Are Swedish

You are a very unique and interesting person. There aren't many like you, and your kind is a bit of a dying breed.

While you fit inside the mainstream, you are an outlier. You have your own unique words and expressions that many people don't understand.

You wish more people appreciate you for who you are. You are like an undiscovered indie rock band or an underrated type of cuisine.

You are beautiful, fascinating, and expressive in your own way... if only people would stop and take the time to listen.

I'm an outlier. There you go - outside the normal distribution :)

rojblake rojblake
36-40, M
16 Responses Mar 6, 2010

So it might not be quiet as easy as Jo is suggesting, AndThereYouAre? May have to reconsider my purchase of 'Swedish in seven days'....

I tried to learn... for about a day :-D

Hej, Roj amusing yet fascinating you travel to Europe and I to the East. I wonder what a Japanese speaking Swede would sound like? Swedish is fairly easy to pick up. You could easily learn it.<br />
Goddang G'day.

I wish I did speak Swedish LV. It seems like a cool language - and Blogthings reckons that I should learn it too!

Do you speak Swedish as well?<br />
<br />
Maybe that's because only few understand you.

So did I Jo (think oriental) but Blogthings may have a few eurocentric preconceptions about what different languages mean. See, it reckons you need an oriental expansion!!!

Mmmm....thinks is it English! By Jove girl, spot on! Roj, continues to wonder???? Interestingly, though the language I should learn is Japanese.And that's another quiz.. It feels like Sweden here, bitterly, chilly.....

Rubbing hands to keep warm, the room heated. Roj, I thought you would be more orientally inclined...

And what's your language, And There You Are ????

I got a chuckle from that but the analysis is probably correct...

Jo I don't think I could cope with the snow. You're right there. And there are a few languages ahead of Swedish in the queue. Now what language is Jophene I wonder???

Hej, (hello) Austral. speaking Swede.... what a climate change? Indie music no comment. Outlier mmm.... any chance of learning the language. ? .

Oh yes ... jag minns skr├Ąp.<br />
<br />
lol @ Pablo, deservedly Spanish<br />
<br />
As for Roj Blake, well happily Swedish it seems

Oh yes...I remember the junk... ;)

....hates it....he'd rather knock up his own furniture from scraps lying around the place....Hmmmmm....

Aha! <br />
"... you have your own unique words and ex<x>pressions that Sylph does not understand...."<br />
<br />
But I love - "... undiscovered indie rock band..."<br />
So cool! ;)