As A Diamond

Yesterday I met a friend who I know a long time, she said: you look so well, so lovely! Is it love?. Then I came to a conclusion, love is in fact a precious jewel, a diamond. When we are in love it is inevitable not to shine this feeling. The eyes shine, the heart smiles,  the joy is present and the life becomes light. How can I deny that something good is happening? I could never hide this emotion…Be in love is a net of feelings that when it is corresponded it is much more is a row gem shaped by two loved hearts that shines as the most precious diamond.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

And it is love that conquers the bad times and keeps hope alive and shines when things seem dark!

A beautiful feeling a *blessing..U can not buy this's a rare unity..lovely..~XoXo~<br />
for me it's a shining moon and stars.endless passions..i too feel this way...we are life..we are ur feelings so well.precious story.thank u.Angel.. :-)

exactly :-*