I Want To Know What Love Is?

          The first thing I want to say is be very careful about saying those words. These three words (I love you) can make or break a person’s life, maybe forever.
          I have seen people whose lives have been destroyed by those three words. I have seen people whose lives have been enhanced by those words too.
          A friend asked me to explain to her what LOVE was. She is such a good friend I will try to the best I can.. Hell all I know is what I've felt and what I have seen in others and in my years.
          I know people think they are in love when the sex is good between them. But is that love, infatuation or?
          You would think when two people are in love with each other they would enjoy the company of the other. No matter what their past entailed. If their love is young it needs to grow and be nurtured.
          Love is a balance of taking and giving. It is true that once in a while one may take more than give. But then it is reversed.
          Love can't be kept in credits and debits. Your heart does not have a score card. It is made of flesh and blood. Love or (you) has feelings. Your heart is connected to the most complicated and vulnerable part of you.
          When you love someone you want to be with this person all the time (the first 30-40 years). This person makes you feel alive. You get certain strength or something from this person. Then you give it back. It will be a circle of energy. This energy I like to call love.  
          I don’t state I know all the answers or even a lot of them. All I know is what I know and feel in my heart.
          It has been said to me several times that my heart is too big and too soft. That I have too much feeling for people. I don’t know about that. All I know is that this was given to me and I guess I should use it the best way I can.
          If you love someone you have to give and take. Don’t be afraid to give. You will get it back. I have found (lately) that love makes you happy and males you cry when you are happy. Of course this is from a woman’s point of view. A mans may or can be different.
* This is by no means a guide to go by. I have (in the past) thought I was in love and was not. I know I am now. Thanks to a certain lady.
          A lady asked me some questions. I don't know ALL the answers to. So I am going to put it up to whoever reads this and maybe knows the answers.
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2012

I want to thank you so much for being so nice and truthful. Yoou would be surprised how many bad reviews I can get.Iwill always enjoy yours. I dont think you are one of my friends. I looked all through mine asd could not find you. But that can be rmidied......Becky Anne

I think from a male perspective ,follow your heart,and you can't go far wrong!But youngsters don't equate Love with Lust,Love comes from heart and Lust from between the legs to put polite.Love means you will do anything within reason,Lust well that usually doesn't last long and you move onto the next person.