A Man's Hands

The quality of a man
can be seen in his hands
the way he reaches for you
the way he quietly holds you
the way his fingers touch your form
the way his hands touch your secret places
the way he brushes your skin
the way he pushes back your hair
securing your favour
speaking of his desires
softly moaning when you touch him too
the way he guides your b uttoc ks
closely, tightly, possessing you
the way he maneuvers your body
to provide you with the maximum pleas ure
the way he aids you by holding your hips
as he takes you soundly
with all the passion he carries
and is displayed clearly
in the way he cuddles you
as your hearts slow their racing thud...thud...thud...
and your sweat mingles and dries
and your shared intimate fluids linger lovingly
the quality of a man
can be seen in his hands
(so stop looking at his crot ch!)
examine his hands.
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13 Responses Aug 22, 2014

think any more it depends on your age kids today see I different world then when I grew up they mistake being nice for a weakness

Very tactile and sensual as if you and your male friend are united at last in love

That was a wonderful poem.... How sweet...Loved it!

Sensual as well as passionate and romantic. The poem flows very well.

The feel of your flowing curls is very gentle and romantic as well as sensual. The hair is very soft and silky against my skin. You have a true gift,Cyn

Gentle Energy
Flowing like warm sunlight
Passing through my palms
From my hands and finger tips
Flows from my soul into yours
Stroking your back gently
Gliding lightly down
The undulating length
Of a curving spine
And caresses the strands
Of long flowing curls.

You do have a gift and an imagination that probably holds much more wonderful things.


There was an whole ocean of words gobbled up in my mouth which wouldnt ve made sense. Hence the filler. ;)

Sure ll let you know when and if at all they are .


I have gentle hands
hands of an artist
hands of a musician
hands that are a conduit of calm

My gift to a hostile world

They can caress and sooth
arouse and move
give sensual relish
to one that I cherish

Or my self relief if need be?

I have gentle hands

The hand symbolizes power -
and that they have ;)

My husband has big hands and I love this post!!! Thanks :)

The lasting long can be the best part :)

Yes, the hands do reveal a lot. As do the eyes. When I meet a new man, I look at his eyes, hands, shoes. In that order. They reveal a lot.

It's not about good shoes, it's what they choose to wear, rounded toe, square toe, pointy, sneakers, loafers. Trust me, the shoes say a lot about the man. The hands are always the first thing I look at, and eyes usually reveal the soul if you know how to look.

I love it

I will. You caught my eyes. And i love painted words. :))

Hahahaha, you have sense of humour. What is not to love?

I think the pleasure is mine

The feelings are mutual of course. The hands that virtually become the tools of our desire to please .

I am alive and kicking, tx :)

:) If that was case would I be here still? :)

real men respond to real women

i know

That made me smile. So true!!!