On The Side Of Medication

I have been in medication for over a months now due to Clinical Depression or Clinical Anxiety, as what my doctor says. She gave two kinds of medicines for me to in take; first here was Xanor and LExapro. I take xanor in order to uplift and stop me from thinking too much, while lexapro is still on its way to work. Lexapro has two weeks before it takes effects, this is why, for that two weeks xanor is needed. I cant help but to take this medication, even though I know its effect on my health side. I cant help it, especially when your thinking started to manipulate your day to day life. This two medicines are my friends, and wishing God to let this two works for me. Yet even though I use this, it cant help myself from thinking of negative thinking, but it do lessen my suicidal thought.

Just recently, by doctor diagnosed me having an OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which I was shocked by her findings, which confuses me about the real problem I have. However, I am really in great trouble now.
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1 Response Feb 3, 2012

you know i dont understand why it happen this way and why all your plans goes down and i hope somehow things will be easy and try to be with your husband and give up your job for the time being and stay with him so it will work find sometimes to know him well and learn things what he likes and enjoy then at night make it a dream come true its not a sin to show something that will make your hubby want you more and being romantic sexy looking wife,why thats normal for people who are newly wed with out sex then something is wrong with your husband maybe he is not man enough to like or desired you but if he is a man like me anything you wear at night before sleeping and being so yummy im sure all kind of sex you imagine and see will come true...never rely on the medicines it will damage and make you more miserable one day and alot of side effects which later you dont know what it was because you are dependent on it.