What A Man Really Wants From A Woman.

Ok so its true that men love sex alot its part of our genes to make children otherwise there would be no children. But thats just not all were about. We want a woman who is so very faithful and kind towards us. loyal women are something to be cherished in my opinion at least. So I personaly love a woman that lets me know that I belong to her. like really belong to her on a permenent basis. and that she will treat me so very kind and love me deeply.
To this kind of woman I really want like 20 years ago even. : ) A man can and will stay faithful to you if you take care of all his sexual needs and very often. whail at the same time be very good to him.
There are a few out there that will mess it up for the rest of us and give us a bad name but thats all over The same happened at the airports and now we have to have our shoes scanned cause some fool messed it up for the rest of us.
For me at least a woman who is super kind and caring to me as well as always trying to drag me to bed to sleep with me you know sex anyway you want it She is a gem to be treasured. And to have fun together as well, being silly together is alot of fun.
I think a genuine smile is a turn on on a woman who has that smile exclusively for me.
Thats not to say that people have to smile every single moment of the day, but if you caught youself doing that more often cause you really care about someone perhaps you should consider yourself lucky to have such a great person in your life and do whatever it takes to keep them. If you don't have someone great in your life and you are a sweet and great hearted woman then I want to talk with you. I want to build a lasting deeply loving relationship with a great hearted gal... If your not serious about finding real love don't bother.
bluedragon2112 bluedragon2112
41-45, M
Nov 29, 2012