The first one that comes to mind is Herry Potter. Next the 7 Police Acadame movies.
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Have to agree with you on the Police Acadamy and Harry Potter movies. My third one is a local selection called Leon Schuster movies (mostly comedy movies and a couple which are candid camera).

Thank you all for your comments.

Harry potter would be good to watch. Iv'e watched charmed in a row & comedy series. I watched medium in a row but i was scared to go to sleep after that.

I do entire TV series...... Gilmore Girls / Star Trek / Heroes / Supernatural / House MD / Dexter<br />
<br />
Also sat through many movie sequels.... Die Hard / Rocky / Speed / Toy Story / Dinotopia /

I love Potter, I guess that's obvious!<br />
<br />
And I liked Police Academy too,<br />
<br />
Great list

You know, other then on cable tv - in pieces, I've not seen ANY of the Harry Potter movies in full!