I Think

I think my muse has died. he was a lazy bastard anyway. Stayed in bed all the time. I am currently looking for a new one.
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6 Responses Dec 14, 2010

Yours is in league with mine. Mine hasn't died, however. The ***** is on strike. Clearly I can't meet her demands, so she's filing her damn nails and being petulant.

yeah i'd be in bed all day too with that thing<br />
<br />
but i'd also be doing something to make her happy, good luck finding somebody strong.

I find this story and it's comments a-MUSE-ing<br />

Sounds to me that your previous muse was one stupid SOB. How could he be in bed all day when the woman of your dream is with you. I cant understand him. Sounds like one lazy bastard indeed

I have a cordless mouse try one of those I hear they live longer, ha ha ha!

lol @ lazy bastard