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I think my muse has died. he was a lazy bastard anyway. Stayed in bed all the time. I am currently looking for a new one.
Punk1n Punk1n 31-35, F 10 Responses Dec 14, 2010

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Yours is in league with mine. Mine hasn't died, however. The ***** is on strike. Clearly I can't meet her demands, so she's filing her damn nails and being petulant.

yeah i'd be in bed all day too with that thing

but i'd also be doing something to make her happy, good luck finding somebody strong.

I find this story and it's comments a-MUSE-ing



My muse is very active, but has nothing to wear.

Bare Hugs


Sounds to me that your previous muse was one stupid SOB. How could he be in bed all day when the woman of your dream is with you. I cant understand him. Sounds like one lazy bastard indeed MOUSE is's my poor MUSE that has kicked the bucket, LOL

I have a cordless mouse try one of those I hear they live longer, ha ha ha!

my muse was a woman, but she turned out to be promiscuous... thousands of people all over the internet were inspired by her too, the hussy! I'm still inspired by her, but I have to temper my admiration with input from several other muses just to balance things out, so of course I'm run ragged trying to keep them all satisfied. oh how I long for a monogamuse!

lol @ lazy bastard