Why Don't People Like Music With Melodies Anymore?

I listen to popular music from the '60s and '70s, and I hear melodies that are very rich and complex. They're the sorts of melodies that I hear once, I can't get out of my mind, and I want them to stick in my mind forever. Heck, even INSANELY complex music from that era became widely popular. The Beatles released artsy-fartsy concept albums. The Who released two rock operas. One of Jethro Tull's best selling albums was essentially a 40-minute, continuous song (it was split into two parts because of limitations of vinyl.

Popular music from the '80s was alright. But pop music '90s and '00s seem to venture no further than one hook, which gets repeated so much that they get stuck in my head whether I like it or not. Yes, there are occasional exceptions in recent pop music, but they are few and far between. Why aren't people interested in melodies anymore?

I know there are still artists out there who want to write brilliant melodies that stick with you. I know, I've filled them up on my iPod and even created playlists dedicated to this music. But these guys aren't superstars.

So, what's with it? Why don't people like melodies these days?
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Well I have to say that I have exactly the same feelings as you about this issue but have very different conclusions. For me the music with the richest melodics covers both popular and classical from about 1850 to 1950. After 1950 new trends emerge and although there is a plethora of easy listening light orchestral music from the 1950's and 1960's after about 1970 rock music that had evolved from Rock and Roll in the '50's becomes hegemonic. For me it's a great loss as I was only born in 1960 in the UK and so was too young to know about all this until the 1970's when it was more or less over.
I think in general people tend to like what they're most exposed to musically speaking and so for two or three generations now that has been rock and roll , rock and everything else that has emerged from that. In the UK and probably much of the world music of a more refined and rich nature has been totally "dissed" by ignorant and distinctly unmusical dj's. The John Wilson orchestra is a great exception to this playing wonderful music from The Great American Songbook of Broadway and Hollywood. Unfortunately "Modernism" demands constant innovation regardless of whether the "funky" new innovation is actually any good or not . This has affected all aspects of life and thinking for about the last 100 years and which has culturally got us where we are today in many things including music and architecture. I think that what I really need to do is to create an online club where people of a similiar ilk can share their love of this kind of music. What do you think?

Since the 90's music with melodies has lost much of its popularity to rap, electronic music with no (or very few) lyrics, and RNB with three chord loops repeated over and over. Therefore big record companies now show less interest in melodic music and won't do anything to bring it back in fashion. The public's ears have now got used to all this non melodic music and don't feel any lack of more melodic music because they've forgot (or don't even know) how it sounds like.