Little Bit Of Everything.

Basically anything that is Rock, I like. Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Pop Rock, etc. whatever it is I enjoy it, though not necessarily all the time. I also appreciate certain Classical music, as a pianist I play many Classical songs. My friends are a huge influence as to what kind of music I listen to, not because I want to fit in, but because they introduce me to certain songs that I find that I actual like. These songs are mostly mainstream, usually heard on the radio, but I find myself enjoying certain Pop or Hip Hop songs, but some others, not so much.

An experience: I was at a friend's party who had chosen to listen to his iPod, he said if he wanted we could use our iPods instead. With that invitation, I pulled out my iPod he proceeded to ridicule me for it because he didn't want to listen to My Chemical Romance, my favorite band.

I was speechless. For any other person, I suppose, they would probably have said something like 'well, I wasn't going to put it on' or 'what's wrong with them?'. I personally took it as an insult because he based my music on a band that he did not like. I couldn't believe that he, the one with one of the biggest variety of music on his iPod, told me that he didn't want to listen to my music because he didn't want to listen to my favorite band. Who told him that I was going to play their music? Who told him that I didn't like other bands, genres, songs? Who told him that he was the only one that liked a little bit of everything?

Simply pushing it off to the side, I put my iPod back into my bag and we continued to listen to his music.
SuikaGirl SuikaGirl
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010