My Ipods: A Muso Nerds Story

I have two I pods; an 80 gig for the day and general use, and an 8 gig nano for night time use.

The night time one contains all y favourite chilled music, to help me relax after a hard days working. It includes film soundtracks, Classical (All periods), Jazz and audio books. I use audio books to help me sleep because I find when I listen to music when I go to sleep, I start to get too inspired and end up getting out of bed every twenty minutes to write another part of the song I just created, where as audio books offer the distraction without the creative outbursts. I'm still in and out of bed throughout the night, but no where near as much, so I always put one of those on before I go bed.

On my every day use I pod, I have all the music from the previous (for those moments when you can't reach an AK47...), as well as all variants of rock and metal (except really for J rock. That's just regular rock, but for fan boys and squeeing fan girls) , a tiny bit of indie (It's a terribly bland genre), acoustic singer song writer, experimental, more up beat Jazz, punk, reggae, shred vert, ska...

Honestly, anything and everything I can get my grubby little mits on =). Seriously, ask a genre and I'll tell you which artists I have from it. If it's not on the Ipod now, chances are it's on my computer somewhere.

I also listen to alot of Podcasts, my favourites being David Mitchell's Soapbox, The Adam and Joe radio show (I'm black squadron when I get the chance) and THATCast, which I set up a while back, but haven't been able to return because of a busy schedule. It's still quite good though, listen to it ;D I'm working on expanding our circle of entertainment though, so tune in, and stay there!

Peace, and or those who do get to listen, Keep it frosty... and sorry about the high voice, my mic was awful, couldn't pick up bass frequencies... I'll stop plugging now.

MisterA MisterA
22-25, M
Aug 12, 2010