The Warrior In The Forest

Okay, so I'm used to having strange dreams, but this one came out of no where. I was already in the middle of a strange dream about surviving in the ocean by hypnotizing and eating sharks when BAM! This dream just starts up, and I'm not even part of it. It was almost like watching a movie. I was able to observe what was going on, but not take part in it. It was a story I had no way of controlling.

It starts in a dark forest, at night I think. A man who looks like he might be some kind of native American warrior is running through the forest on a hunt. I keep getting the vibe that he's very angry and determined. Whatever he's hunting has become very personal to him. His prey turns out to be a pregnant woman who also looks native american. She looks like she's only a couple years younger than he is, but he keeps calling her daughter. It becomes clear to me that she's who he has a burning hatred for. He calls her a witch and tells her that she's evil and she killed her mother when she was born and she needs to die, but first he's going to take her son from her. I don't know why this woman looks so close to the same age as her "father" but I don't get the vibe that she's evil or good. I just got this feeling that he's been chasing her for a long time and she's done what she's had to to survive. Soon the woman goes into labor, and the warrior is going to make her deliver the baby there, but I'm not sure what he's going to do with her or the baby after it's born.

Then it gets a little weirder. Just like a movie, the scene cuts to a different one. This new scene is in a spacious cave lit up a large bon fire and torches. People covered in white paint are dancing all around the fire. The only part of them that isn't white is a red streak of paint across their eyes. The scenes keep switching back and forth from the woman attempting to give birth to the group of people dancing wildly around this bonfire. As the woman screams out in pain, the warrior tells her, "hush, you'll make him wish." Wish? Wish what? Is he talking about the baby? It doesn't make sense.

The worst part is, the dream wasn't done. She was going to give birth, I was going to find out what happened next but my alarm went off! It wasn't done!! I've had really crazy dreams before, but this is different. It's not that it's crazier than my other dreams because I've had some really crazy dreams. It was so clear. And yeah, I have had dreams that I haven't actually starred in, but usually for those dreams I do at least identify with a certain character. This was exactly like watching a scene in a movie, except for the part where I was able to tell what the warrior and the woman were feeling, but I wasn't identifying with them, I just got weird vibes off them. I could feel the pain of the warrior. The woman's presence in his life had caused him great loss and the grief caused him such a hatred of her that he became an unreasonable man filled with fury toward her. And from her I got the impression that while she was not directly responsible for his grief, she had done many questionable things to stay alive and away from him. I also got a weird vibe about the unborn baby. Like it wouldn't be normal.

This does not feel like a dream I would normally have. It's too coherent, too clear. It doesn't feel like something that would come out of my brain.
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I am a dreamer too and it started when I was young. Usually, it will take you years to figure out the meaning of particular dreams in its entirety expecially when you're young. Write them down as you have done and the revelation will be astounding because you will see things that others can't see and it will benefit your life as well. Here are also some important things to look at in your dream, in addition to the things the other reader commented on above. The red paint on the peoples' eyes, the white garrnets, the length of the feud, this dream--is very deep in meaning and you are gifted. I would suggest you seek spiritual counsel for development, because your gift can help others.

Nevertheless, dreams are reflections of ourselves. Each character was in some way you. The native american could reflect the depth within us or oir far past. The warrier is guilt. The woman, avoidance. The dancers could be celebrating the birth and a new life or idea. They also could be trying to help the woman and warrier. You have beautiful dreams.