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"I want to know what my dreams mean".

In my dream, I was in a church.  I saw a band playing and the music was so powerful, I kept falling down.  When the people looked at me, they asked, "Why do you keep falling down?".  I said, "It's the music".  Then  the service ended and I saw members of the church stacking chairs.  I saw my pastor's wife and went over to her.  I had on a T-shirt.  I asked her, "Can I help?"  She responded, "If you want to help you will have to get dressed first".  Then I saw my pastor walk by and he had on this beautiful, velvet red vest that chefs wear.  The pastor's wife and I went to the back.  The atmosphere was so peaceful and beautiful.  When we got to the back she pulled out a box.  Two of the other members helped take my measurement.  Then the pastor's wife took out this old, worn out blue vest.  I put it on.  When I put it on.  The end of sleeves where you hands go through were sown shut.   She then told me.  "This is the only one we have for you.   And, you can't serve here dressed like that".  So I walked out the door and left.

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A band playing in a church that literally puts you down. A pastor wearing a chef's red vest. "You have to get dressed." An old, worn out blue vest with the ends of the sleeves sown shut: you are out of the congregation. But... You were out of this pseudoreligious theater from the beginning. They impose "old, worn out" interpretations of the Scriptures on you that leave no room for experience and debate, for spiritual flourishment; all you can do is bow to dogma and convention. But their own reality is very different; the pastor is a man of very mundane appetites (the color red...) who dresses as a professional, and there is a band playing. Your unconscious mind was simply making a factual statement...

Wow! That was sharp like a knive! You have a gift. I love the interpretation !

Thank you, Galecliff, it is always encouraging to hear we are doing a good job :)

Glory girl, thank you for your comment. I know Maggiemye very well and she has intepreted some of my dreams in the past. Take care and God bless you sister.

You need to enter this in your dream journal. I have a friend of this site that has a gifting to interpret spiritual dreams. Maggiemye. Check her out if you really want the interpretation of this dream.