Meaningless Dream.. I don't understand it. Help?

A dark, mysterious man was the first thing i saw when i was yanked out of a crate. I blinked a few times, trying to adjust to the brightness. I saw a clear sky above me, a bird was gliding through the air. My head was so groggy. As I gazed up at the sky, I was faintly aware that I was being dragged across the steaming ground. Before I could speak, I slipped back out of consciousness.

A sharp pain shot through my leg. I wanted to scream, but my mouth wouldn't respond. I knew I was still being dragged, but for some reason I couldn't move. Panic was burning within me. "Abbey you have to do something!" I thought. Please wake up!

Finally, the rough ground stopped moving under me. My feet were dropped heavily to the earth's surface. I could feel the heavy ropes around my ankles. Still, my body wouldn't respond to anything I wanted it to do. I heard a car engine starting. Heavy boots were walking towards me.

A soft, British voice was the first to speak.
" So this is the girl?"
" Yes Rebekkah. Do you take me for a fool?" said the man.
They both had the same accent. Although, I wasn't sure it was British. It almost sounded like the were from another time era.
" You better hope she is the one brother. Or we are all doomed." threatened Rebekkah.
" I know sister. Why exactly though is it this human you want?"
" She's not just a human Silas. She's the human with supernatural blood. She's Cerelia's doppelganger. Is that really so hard to understand?"
"Alright Rebekkah I get it already. Let's just get her in the car."

Abulous619 Abulous619
Nov 27, 2012