I just woke up from the WORST dream i have ever had!
And i just called in sick from work just so i could be at home to protect my mother.

So, this was how the dream went, it was in the wee hours of the morning and i heard a lady nagging and shouting in some foreign language. I was thinking to myself that this couldnt be someone who was living in my area because there was no such person and i practically can recognise every one of my neighbours voice and their dialect. So i stepped out of my house and searched for where that voice was coming from and i see her talking on the phone angrily and indeed it was a new face.

I didnt think much about it and went back home and into my room, i fell asleep a few minutes later and then i was awoken by loud slams of the door and i came out of my room once again to find my mother struggling to shut the door, i ran to her and opened the door and i saw her, the lady who was screaming on the phone earlier on, i pushed her to the ground and shut the door on her. I looked through the peep hole and saw her standing there with a staright face and knife in another. I WAS SO DARN SHAKEN BY THAT IMAGE

I then told my mother to bring my siblings to her room and lock the room door she agreed and went along, i went to the toilet and i came out to find my mom again at the door and the lady actually slit my mothers throat with the knife through the peep hole, i slowly pulled my mom away from the door and she was fine but the lady dosent seem to be giving up, i hear her whispering from the outside.

SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS. i am having a bad bad headache from the thought of this nightmare :'(
outtamymindz outtamymindz
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014