Car Crash

 I have three best friends to start off this story. One guy and two girls. A few nights ago, I dreamt that i was in a car with my lifelong best friend and we got into a severe car crash. she died in an instant and i was rushed to the hospital. My other girl best friend didnt come to the hospital because she had a rehearsal. I then saw my best guy friend walk into the hospital room and just stare blankly at me and we got into a conversation. actually it was more one sided on my part cause all he did was stand there and nod and then said "I'm going to go look for my girlfriend. see you later!" and walked out. then he came back in and i told him that he had broken his promise to me (we had made a promise a while back that we would not let our relationships get in the way of our friendship). He simply shrugged and said "eh, whatever." i woke up crying. three of my best friends didnt care.

nothing at all had made me upset recently. perhaps it was the thought that i have not seen my lifelong best friend in a few months, or the fact that my stage friend never once lets me talk about myself because everything has to be about her, or the fact that the only person in this entire world that i find to be my source of comfort as a brotherly figure is starting to go back on his promise for real.

help me think otherwise. i dont want this dream to come true. 

Mollyite523 Mollyite523
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2009