I Wish I Knew This....

My life is basically depressing me at the moment....it's the usual stuff - I have no friends, I hate my family, etc etc etc. But I keep finding that I'm always thinking, 'What the hell is going to happen to me when I'm older?' all the time. I want to start a new life as soon as I can - I basically just want to move out of my house, and possibly even out of this country. But what's going to happen to me then?? Will I get a great job, will I meet a nice guy, will I make any friends? I'd give anything to find out....

mizzy11 mizzy11
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

i think ur not alone...<br />
in my case i think that i dont have any hope for my future..<br />
imean there is' no hope'