Heaven Or Hell

i have turmoiled for many years , where is heaven and where is hell both used in contexts good and bad and both followed by millions , could where we are today be hell waiting for a matrix style heaven through the looking glass to be seen, to see better things for when we die , if lets say this was heaven why do the good go before the bad, so how can we perceive this as heaven does this mean im in hell folk says god took him because he was a good man , who takes the bad ones then ?,the devil , never hear the saying god took him because he was a bad man, or just maybe we are like alice and our eyes see through a looking glass placed before us just like a matrix any thoughts anyone ?
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

well i have few there waiting also so maybe your right there is a other side , i think were on the darkside here at mo , lol do you have a dark side just teasing

I had a neardeath experience I know there is def something after life.. we will all find out sooner or later..

thank you for your comment , i guess there always something that arises from near death expieriences a extra sense some say , , what was your near death ex ?

I wrote a story on it u can read it n tell me what u think ok

i dont think about it , its a cold dead thought in my head gone is gone and folk should realize that and stop clutching straws for more that is not there. got no vodka