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You're a Lifestylist You're definitely someone who likes to live in the moment. You believe in seizing the day and tend to throw yourself into new experiences. The downside is that you're not a natural when it comes to sticking to a budget. It's always more fun to splash out and treat yourself and worry about the consequences later. But let's face it, even you can't help feeling a little bit worried about that credit card bill dropping on your doormat. And though it might not come easily, a bit of planning may actually make you feel a whole lot more relaxed.

When it comes to this year, priority number one is taking it a little bit easy when it comes to splashing the cash and setting aside a little nest egg. Being a little strict with yourself may not come naturally at first but it will make life far easier in the long run. And imagine the sense of satisfaction you'll get when you've got a special pot of savings to dip into.

You are a bit of a dreamer and you are drawn to anything with a sense of mystique. Despite being a bit of a homebody, you love letting your mind wander off to far flung lands where anything can happen.

You are thoughtful and original in your outlook. You like to be made to think and often seek out ways to expand your horizons.

You're creative and imaginative and like to be inspired. Home is where your heart is and you love nothing more than putting personal touches to your space. You're laid-back and relaxed with a very healthy attitude to life. Naturally down-to-earth, you don't believe in sweating the small stuff. Life's for living, with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment and so fun with family and friends is top of the list as far as you're concerned. Food is a definite passion too and you're always up for tantalizing your taste buds. You're a bit of a dreamer at heart. But there's nothing wrong with that. Set your sights high and you'll create the life you deserve.

An escapist at heart, for you there's nothing better than getting out of your home town for a few days and experiencing something a little different. It's what makes life wonderful.

You have a wonderfully vivid imagination and enjoy letting yourself be transported away from everyday life, so the escapism of the silver screen is perfect for you. Whether it's the latest blockbuster or a quirky arthouse offering, you love a night at the movies. Why not get some friends over for a themed DVD night? Make sure you've got plenty of popcorn!

You're open to new experiences and love exploring the world under your own steam. What better way to spend a holiday than heading out into the country and getting back to nature? After all, there's nothing like being out in the fresh air and under an open sky to blow out the cobwebs and leave you feeling reinvigorated. Sometimes a little space and distance from the everyday grind is the best medicine of all!

Home life can be stressful at times. You may feel like you're taking an unfair share of the load, or perhaps you just don't have enough time to hang out with your loved ones. The most important thing is that you create a relaxed distraction-free space you can all enjoy. Everyone will benefit.

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36-40, F
Mar 16, 2012