Know Me I N T J By Proportions

This is another Group, but I have this listed in these other Groups listed about myself what it is.  I N T J.

But this comes by our Brain Function for our Diversely Polarity made Brains.  Each parts of our Brains has different workings in our perceptions and how we deal with ourselves and come to the means of our own thinking. In which I used my user name in part "Solipsism"  We see things in our own ways.

"Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"

I = (Means) = I am an "Introvert" from the Polarity of = ( E = (Means) = Extrovert ) The other side of this Polarity. My Proportion to being an "Introvert" is 100% Meaning I don't have any % Percentage of coming about People as an Extrovert.

N = (Means) = I am an "Intuitive" from the Polarity of = ( S = (Means) = Sensing ) The other side of this Polarity. My Proportion to being an "Intuitive" = (Which Means) = I'll go with a bit more on Ideal and with Theories on ways than just Practical ways. While Sensing is going more by just Practical and Traditional ways and not by Ideal and with Theories on ways. But back to what my Proportion of this is ...

I'm  38%  = ( Meaning ) I'm 88% more on being "Intuitive" to being also 12% "Sensing"  ( 38 + 50 = 88 / 100 - 88 = 12 )  So the "Intuitive" is Greater.

T = (Means) = I will act more from my "Thinking"  from the Polarity of = ( F = (Means) = Feeling ) The other side of this Polarity for which we get the best illustration from "Star Trek" ... Spocks ways from us other Human Emotional ways. My Proportion to acting more from my "Thinking" is the same with my ( N = "Intuitive" and  S ="Sensing" ) Actions. 88% "Thinking" to being also 12% acting from "Feelings and Emotions" also.

I'm  38% more on acting from my "Thinking" and also 12% will act on my Emotions and Feelings as well.

J = (Means) = Judging.  (This means I want things Planned Out and go by a Schedule), than Perceiving = P.  Which the Polarity of this is for going as the moment accounts for things, than by going by a demanding and strict schedule. My Proportion with this is ...

I'm 11% = ( Meaning ) I'm  61% more on being "Judging" to being also 39% on doing things by "Perceiving" = "How the Moment will make me act by, than how it was scheduled and Planned out.  The Proportions is we teeter-tatter about these patterns of acting on. On a given situation, I consider on. 

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