I Guess I Am An Infp

The most sensitive of the Idealists is the Healer (INFP). While their list of jobs may echo that of other Idealists, they are more drawn to express their own unique vision of the world that all other types, so their work cannot help but be unique. They interpret their visions in the world of music, art, entertainment, or dance. As a professor or teacher, counselor or social worker, they often unlock the mysteries of life for those they encounter. In business they are drawn to organizational development and human resources careers. They may have a religious calling or seek work as a librarian. Their careers need to be in alignment with their personal values. Says Kay, “I chose health education so I could touch the lives of others to help them make better choices about their lives. I know I’ve done some good.” -------this is how i feel

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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Helping other people on the level of 'doing' is very noble indeed. I admire people who do that, I am one of them. However I have come to realise that the world's problems are a bottomless pit. The best way to help others and change the world is if each individual took responsiblity for making sure they do not contribute to the negativity of the world by being part of the problem. Once we as individuals take responsibilty for ourselves as well as doing practical things to help others we then work on both the level of cause and effect.