The Dominant function is the judging one of Thinking. Characteristics associated with this function include:

  • Likes making decisions on the basis of logic, using objective considerations
  • Is concerned with truth, principles and justice
  • Is analytical and critical, tending to see the flaws in situations
  • Takes an objective approach

The judging Thinking function is extraverted. That is, Thinking is used primarily to govern the outer world of actions and spoken words. The ENTJ will therefore:

  • organise life in on a logical basis, classifying, ordering, and directing facts and situations
  • be decisive, with the aim of being just and fair
  • spontaneously criticise
  • be comfortable with conflict as a way of resolving problems
  • take an impersonal approach, focusing more on systems and organisational needs than each individuals' feelings

The Thinking function is primarily supported by introverted iNtuitive perception. That is, iNtuitive perception is used primarily to manage the inner world of thoughts and emotions. This will modify the way that the Thinking is directed, by:

  • focusing the (outer world) Thinking on creative decisions that lead to change and new possibilities
  • orchestrating the outward organisation in support of some overall purpose or strategy

The classic temperament of an ENTJ is Promethean, or Phlegmatic, for whom a basic driving force is the search for competence or excellence.

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