It's My First Group, So I'll Start!

I have lots of little phrases that I say on a general basis and I guess I over use them as well. Some of them are a little strange and stem from my mum having used them throughout my childhood. I picked them up along the way!

"Hell's Teeth!" It's one of my mum's. It helps when you're pissed off at something but can't curse because you're in public, or a childs there, etc.

"Jesus H Christ!"

"God Damn it!" A little blasmemous, but, hey, what the hell.

"Avert thine eyes!" Usually said when I'm looking at something I shouldn't be. Like my flatmate when he's come out of the shower :)

So...I'd love to here any other strange little phrases that anyone else has! Type away!

AnimeAnima AnimeAnima
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2008

lol well im a country girl so i say things like, such like that,yonder,hell far,no way,bullshit on a stick,rite rite,well i never,and lord have mercy. oh and let,s not leave out good old, ain;t! and see ya,ll later

Nice idea! Hmm well I guess in English I tend to overuse "You know" and maybe "Geez" and "damnit' but since it;s not really my native tongue I canlt say I really have any opportunity to overuse them :D. However in my own language, I tend to overuse ex<x>pressions such as Christ, geez as well, are you kidding me? Gve me a break. These are all close equivalents. I guess uch ex<x>pressions tend to be overused in fast speech so that wouldn;t make them exactly strange but still when I;m using another foreign language, spanish, I tend to overuse the word "no" at the the end of my sentences or "claro".