I Am From Pleiadian

We all are here we are from a collective of energy of Pleiades. we have a long history, Our ancestors came from another universe that had achieved completion a Universe. We are all working on a planet working on completion and the Pleiadians are here to help us with that task. This completion or transformation has been heralded by many for eons. It is an important time and what happens on earth now will effect the entire universe. Our Ancestors are the original planners of earth Orchestrators who seeded worlds and civilizations with creativity and love. A transition is about to occur, a dimensional shift that will lessen the density of the third dimension so that we will move into higher dimensions in which the body does not have such a solid state. We came here because we wanted to master the evolutionary process and be able to live with it, this is going to be very exciting because this means we are going to be able to function in many realities. There are multitudes of cultures and societies that exist throughout the vastness of space and these societies and cultures have been on and off this planet from the very beginning. So wake up and meditate to whats coming be of peace and love, and your wisdom will grow. and Not from tv...
victorin victorin
56-60, M
Nov 7, 2010