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Belly Too

i always sleep on my tummy, if im on my back, its never for very long....i dont sleep well that way
oRACHELo oRACHELo 18-21, F 7 Responses Dec 7, 2011

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Usually on my right side. Unless spooning then in position my front to her butt
Is spooning a verb? There is a lot of action when spooning

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depends if I'm alone or in an ****

which side u turned to

I'm not sure if I'm asleep (:

It would be fun to be your friend, btw.

I shift from belly to side. If, however, you were on your back, I might keep you there as long as I can. I hope you enjoy whatever position in which you sleep, and whomever you sleep with.

I can't sleep on my back too many back problems, I am a side sleeper.